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Date: 24th August 2016
Solvent Based Paint Production Line
Solvent?based Paint Production LineSolvent based Paint Production Line?Product Introduction solvent-based production line ranges from single equipment with 500T/year capacity to complete production line with 100,Website:,000 ton/year capacity. We have successfully serviced customers from various of industries including nitro lacquer, polyurethane paint, enamel, varnish, anti-corrosion paint, finishing varnish, epoxy paint, etc.. Solvent-based paint complete line consists of raw materials auto feeding system, metering system, dispersing and milling system, tinting system, filling system, auto control system, platform and color paste manufacturing part. The entire production line from charging, discharge to packing is totally automatic with high efficiency. And the international advanced dispersing and milling machine ensures nice products fineness and quality. ?Materials?:Solvent-based paint ?Characteristics?:Viscosity ?20,000 cps ?Capacity?:1,000T-100,000T/year ?Application?:Suitable for manufacturing of solvent-based paint including nitrolacquer, polyurethane paint, enamel, varnish, anti-corrosion paint, finishing varnish,epoxy paint , etc..(More information please click FREE CONSULTATION)Solvent based Paint Production Line?Product Advantages?High dispersing efficiency Dispersing system adopts disperser with multi-vessel with a rotation system to adjust its working position, which improves the usage rate to large extent and reduces the cost of equipment and the space. Good fineness Milling system adopts international advanced horizontal beads mill, moreover, several devices can be series connected, though this method, once grinding can meet the fineness requirements. In terms of color paste milling, basket mill is available, which is easy to clean and suitable for multiply of color paste. Environmental-friendly and Safe Operation Products are manufactured in totally closed flow line production surroundings, there is no dust in workshop which reduces operators' workload and improves efficiency to large extent. High Automatic Level Powder and liquid storage and batching system, automatic filling system, PLC control system are optional according to process to realize the automatic produce and remote control.Solvent based Paint Production Line Technical ParameterCapacity: 500-100,000T/year Charging method: mechanical charge, vacuumed charge, positive pressure air transmission Dispersing device: fixed dispersing kettle, lifting dispersing kettle. Milling device: Horizontal bead mill, basket mill(for color paste) . Tinting device: single-shaft tinting kettle, dual-shaft tinting kettle, tri-shaft multi-functional tinting kettle, horizontal ribbon mixer Filtering: filter car, self-cleaning filter Filling: semi-auto filling machine, automatic filling machine.