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Date: 24th August 2016
Extrusion Machine
Extrusion machine?Product Introduction Extruder (Discharging machine) is corollary equipment for dual planetary mixer or multi-functional mixer,Website:, its role is to discharge or pack the mixed high viscosity material. It has single tank form and double tanks form, by adopting torque motor control, it can deliver the high viscosity material such as ink, adhesive, silicone etc. to the pipeline from the pressing plate or the bottom of the barrel through pressing plate, so that realize all kinds of packing for different materials. The equipment is divided into lifting with barrel type and fixed type. ?Materials Viscosity?: ?5,000,000 cps ?Production capacity?: 30-2000L ?Application Industry?: Suitable for discharging the materials in industries such as coating, putty, ink, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc.. (For more application industry, please click ''Free Consultation'' ) ?Applicable Materials?: Various slurries with viscosity less than 5,000,000cps, solid content under 90% such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone inks, sealants, structural adhesives, soft cream, jam etc..Extrusion machine?Product Advantages Safe and convenient operation Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuators. Control the extruder up, stop and down through controlling the valve, simple operation with high stability; with barrel holding device for fixing the mixing tank rapidly to prevent any possible accident due to tank displacement. Interlock between the tank in place and machine running can be set to avoid mal-operation. Wide application, high discharging efficiency Extruder can press the high viscosity material to next producing process within only a few minutes, the viscosity they deal with can be varied from ten thousands to millions cps; Using couples of container and presser at the same time, increased the machine using efficiency a lot. Clean discharging The extruder is equipped with seal ring which is matching the tank perfectly, during the pressing process, the seal ring cling to the wall of the tank tightly, no residue. Customized options Different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type; According to discharging pattern and height of the discharge port, can customize lifting with tank extruder, material of the machine can be customized to be SS316.Extrusion machine?Working Principle Hydraulic extruder consists of baseboard, barrel positioning, hydraulic oil cylinders, beams, motor, gear pump, pressing plate, electric control cabinet etc..The hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted within the range of 0-20MPa, the piston rod can stay in any position, and can work continuously under fixed and stable pressure; The seal ring of the pressing plate clinging to the inner wall of the tank (could customize with vacuum defoam device) makes the material not coming out and no residue; The lifting support is hydraulically lifted to the top position, so that it?s convenient for workers to pack. The extruder is characterized by its simple structure and convenient operation.